Reliable team, experienced partner, and the key to success – the right focus


Project delivery – End-to-end delivery or joint effort

Be it a service, a product or a custom solution – our team is ready to take ownership for a complete scope or deliver select workloads only, all by itself, or embedded into your team. Our experienced collective and proven methodological awareness can drive success both in a smaller agile setup as well as in an enterprise scale environment with many stakeholders.
We have become experts at delivering into projects with a technical focus and has evolved to be able to work optimally with domain specialists and client side consultants – we are happy to work with your team too.


Rightshore approach

Nearshore, offshore, onsite … Every situation and scope is special and needs a specific delivery mix of the nearshore and onsite elements and roles. You can tap into our long years experience to come up with the right mix and host the different project disciplines in an optimal way, providing your customer with the proper consulting layer and an experienced delivery team.
Regardless if an agilie or classic project is at hand, finding the adequate onsite / offsite roles is a must to avoid that including a nearshore partner does not increase project complexity. We can provide an „onsite catalyst” or you can promote one from your team – the offsite team will work without bothering the customer.

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Peak coverage

There may be situations when your team needs support, for example in topics of know how regarding a particular application, a new project lead or just simply a project peak load.
In these cases it is good to have a partner who has „made his homework” and can provide the support you need for your team. Engage with us so we can ramp up on the topics you need, so you can minimize the risks associated with those topics!

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The more time your team members can stand with actual customer priorities the more leads and customer satisfaction you get.
Our collective can provide enablement for your team members so they do not have to spend precious time with technical questions – they can work on requirements, acceptance criteria and customer issues instead.
Think about technical assessments, proof of concepts, debugging or troubleshooting .. There are numerous ways we can help your experts so they can provide more business value to your clients.

Our clients and partners

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